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Coated Chocolate Companies

|Coated Chocolate Buyer Companies
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    We started our business life by producing hard candy back at the 1976. Mission that we indicate for us was to touch people’s heart to share the feel of happiness and to create
    Telephone: +90 332 342 28 33 Address: Fevzi Çakmak Mahalesi, Kattim Sanayi Sitesi, 10576. Sokak, No:24, Karatay, Konya, Turkey
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    İmexfood Has been established as a supplier of Biscuits, Cake and Chocolate throughout the World in 2011. In response to the trust and loyalty shown by consumers in many
    Telephone: +90 338 212 81 88 --- +90 533 268 64 84 Address: Mansurdede Mah. Atatürk Blv. No:22/3, Karaman, Turkey
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    Bulutlar Kuruyemis becomes one of the leading company of dried fruits sector since it is establishment in 1984, with its succesfull works. Today, by expanding its enterprises and
    Telephone: +90 322 441 00 11 Address: Mekan Mahallesi , Turhan Cemal Beriker Bulvarı, 01120 No:722/1 Seyhan, Adana, Turkey
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    “Our company is supplier and exporter of chocolate Delight, candy, hard candy, jelly beans, nuts, confectionery products, dragees, chocolates, chocolate, bitter almonds, turkish
    Telephone: +90 352 240 28 28 Address: Mimarsinan OSB, Kastim Cd. No:10/A, Melikgazi, Kayseri, Turkey
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    Aldiva brand is produced in Modern Chocolate facilities which is invested by Tayyar Investment in food sector in 2015 with an annual capacity of 140.000 tons and sector experience
    Telephone: +90 338 224 15 50 --- +90 216 325 77 43 Address: ORG.SAN.BÖL.5.CD.NO:18, MERKEZ, KARAMAN, TURKEY
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    As ZMC we supply and produce turkish delights, delights, olive oils, virgin olive oils, extra virgin olive oils, confectioneries, chocolates, turkish coffees, akide candies,
    Telephone: +90 543 969 61 09 Address: Barbaros Mah., Fesleğen Sk., Agaoğlu Suncity Sit., 2C Blok No: 111, Ataşehir, İstanbul, Turkey
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    Abdul Halil Ozgur, who is from Gerger, Adiyaman immigrated to Malatya, learned the production and skill of Turkish Delight. He came to Istanbul in 1974 and started to produce his
    Telephone: +90 212 550 16 53 Address: 15 Temmuz Mah. 1493 Sk. No: 26/B, Güneşli, Bağcılar, İstanbul, Turkey
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    **strong text**As Tafe Gıda, we established a facility to introduce traditional tastes, where we make production with new, modern and cutting-edge technology. Traditional sweets,
    Telephone: +905330962156 Address: Gebze Plastikçiler Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, 12. Sokak, No: 6, Gebze, Kocaeli, Türkiye
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    “Our company is supplier and exporter of food products, foods, foodstuff, chips, corn chips, potato chips, candy, drinks, instant drinks, powder drinks, hot drinks, lollipop,
    Telephone: +90 212 670 17 47 Address: Keresteciler Sitesi, 25. Blok, No:16/A, İstanbul, Turkey
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    We manufacture and supply dried fruits, dried nuts, dried nuts and fruits, sunflower seeds, roasted chickpeas, yellow roasted chickpeas, roasted chick peas, roasted yellow
    Telephone: +90 533 644 05 68 Address: Denizli Antalya Karayolu 2. Km, Derinhisar, Denizli, Turkey
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    Printed film, plain film, packaging film, OPP, CPP, metalized, opaque, pearl, pearlized, twistpet, stretch, polyaf the polyalef of plastic, nylon, bags, shrink, shrink, coil,
    Telephone: 05323142970 Address: Fevzi Çakmak Mh. Büsan 4 Org. San. 10670 Sk. No:9 Karatay, Turkey
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    Chocolate, wafers, cocoa powder, Madlen Series, Çikolatin Series, Baton Series, Coated
    Telephone: + 90 212 2547556 Address: Hasköy Cad. 2-2A Hasköy, 34445 Beyoğlu-İstanbul, Turkey
  • dried nuts, dry nut, chickpeas, white roasted chickpeas, yellow roasted chickpeas, double roasted chicpeas, chips, french fries, chocolate coated chickpeas, corn snack, roasted corn
    “Our company is supplier and exporter of dried nuts, chickpeas, white roasted chickpeas, yellow roasted chickpeas, double roasted chicpeas, chips, chocolate coated chickpeas,
    Telephone: +90 258 591 33 75 Address: Acıpayam Yolu Üzeri 1 Km Serinhisar, Denizli, Turkey
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    Telephone: +90 212 6265975 Address: 3.Paralel Sok No:9 Alibeyköy İstanbul, Turkey
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    We started our company on 2002, in Kars. Our main productions are turkish delights, sesames, sweets. As from now we are rank foremost among its
    Telephone: 08502592399 Address: Niyazi Bey İş Merkezi
  • confectionery products, candies, turkish delights, sweets, tahini, molasses, halva, halvah, churchkhela, pistachio turkish delight, atom delight, almond turkish delight, walnut roll turkish delight, walnut turkish delight, roll turkish delight, cezerye, pistachio cezerye, double roasted pistachio turkish delight, rosy turkish delight, minty turkish delight, mastic turkish delight, orange turkish delight, chocolate coated turkish delight, strawberry turkish delight, fruit sweet
    Our company was established in 2008.We are producing soudjouk turkish delight, turkish delight and cezerye. We do tahini and molasse filling. We export to Russia, Syria, Canada
    Telephone: +90 322 329 51 44 Address: Kiremithane Mah., Kozan Cad. No: 452, Yüreğir, Adana, Turkey
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    Vella Candy & Chocolate Manufacture Co.,Ltd. has started production since 2010. May be Our profile seems new company but our long story as follows. Our grand boss joined this
    Telephone: +90 332 342 74 50 Address: Fevzi Çakmak Mah. Firdevs Cad. 10549 Sk. No: 19, Karatay, Konya, Turkey
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    Confectionery, Candy, Sugar, Sugar Mevlüt, Jelly, Mints, Baby Sugar, Sugar Balls, Coated Raisins, Coated Orange, Peanuts Draje, Almonds Chocolate, Food, Turkish Manufacturers
    Telephone: +90 212 2501543 Address: Büyükpiyale, Zincirlikuyu C.254 Kasımpaşa İstanbul, Turkey
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    Our company is a reliable strategic partner specialised in supplying world renowned high quality Turkish food products. By utilizing our vast supplier contacts and know how, we
    Telephone: +90 312 287 14 88 Address: Nasuh Akar Mah., 1407. Sok., No: 5/74, Balgat, Cankaya, Ankara, Turkey
  • biscuits, finger biscuits, biscuits with cream, biscuits with sesame, for babys, wafers, classic wafers, dark wafers, chocolate coated wafers, chocolates, marshmallows, sandwich biscuits, cocoa nuts cream, cakes, cookies, digestive biscuits, crackers
    Telephone: 3211883 Address: Organize San. Böl. 6.Cad. No:12 Melikgazi, KAYSERİ
  • food products, foodstuff, foods, wafers, biscuits, snacks, biscuits, creamy biscuits, chocolate coated biscuits, chocolate creams, cream chocolate, wafer with chocolate, wafer with nuts
    We are working with the “Tomorrow should not be equal to today” principle. We embrace it as a cultural approach of Çizmeci Food Inc. that each member of Çizmeci Food starts
    Telephone: +90 262 751 00 34  Address: Güzeller Organize Sanayi Bölgesi , İnönü Mahallesi, Ebulfeyz Elçibey Sokak, No:11 41400, Gebze - Kocaeli, Turkey
  • surface protection film, chocolate packaging, gum packaging, coated paper packaging, food packaging
    Telephone: 691 04 58 Address: Şamlar Köyü Kuru Kavak Mevki İstiklal Caddesi No:404 Başakşehir
  • chocolate, chocolate bars, chocolate coated bars, chocolate coated wafer, wafer, bitter chocolate, milky chocolate bars
    Telephone: (0342)337 93 24 Address: 3. OSB 83315 NOLU CADDE NO:2, Gaziantep
  • dried nuts, chocolate coated candy, chocolate covered candy, dried fruits, packaged dried nuts
    Telephone: (364) 3330999 Address: TAŞHAN CAD..NO:7, MERKEZ, ÇORUM
  • food products, foodstuff, canned meals, salt, snacks, confectionery, chocolate, chocolate bars, chocolate coated wafer, wafer
    Telephone: 2376785 Address: SEYHAN MAHALLESİ 650 SK. NO:39/1 BUCA / İZMİR
  • Bubble Containers, Bubble Packaging, Kraft Bubble Envelope, Pe Film Products, Stretch Film, Package Content Package, Air Cushion Packaging Systems, Deputy Packaging Products, Insulation, Insulation Products, Food Packaging, Laminating Products, Barrier Film Production, Vacuum Packaging Pouches, Pe Coated Paper, Chocolate Bag
    Telephone: 90 (212) 676 19 00 Address: Bağlariçi Cad. Bağcı Sok. No:7 Avcılar, 34320 İstanbul/TURKEY
  • candy toys, bulk candies, hazelnut cream with cacao, chocolate coated crispy rice, plastic toys, bubble gum
    Telephone: (90)(212) 576 41 68 Address: GÜMÜŞ SUYU CD. BIRTAŞ SAN.SIT. N:61/44-84
  • chocolate, chocolate coated candy, confectionery, pastry products
    Giving services for pastry shops, hotel, restaurant and catering industries since 1997, company has been a leading firm in domestic market. Aiming to be a leading structure in
    Telephone: +90 312 386 03 87 /+90 312 386 34 35 / +90 312 386 Address: Bagdat Cad., No: 365, Ostim, Ankara, Turkey
  • food products, foodstuff, canned meal, canned vegetables, snacks, chocolate coated wafer, chocolate
    Telephone: (537) 5158970 Address: YENIMAHALLE 2440 SOK.NO:7/2
  • Candy, Confectionery, Chocolate, Candy Pebbles, Gravel Sweets, Specialty Chocolate, Confectionery Candy, Candy Toys, Toy Candy, Soft Candy, Candy For Kids, Sugared Almonds, Candy Coated Nuts, Sugar Coated Nuts, Coated Nuts, Chocolate Coated Nuts, Sweet Coated Nuts, Sugar Roasted Almonds, Roasted Pecans Sugar, Roasted Sugar Almonds, Sugar Roasted Nuts, Sugar Coated Roasted Pecans, Dragee Almonds, Almond Snacks
    Telephone: 90(212) 879 16 00 Address: Bakır ve Pirinç San. Koop.Sardunya CaddesiNo:4 Beylikdüzü / İstanbul / Türkiye
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